750+ hackers
24 hours
150+ projects
$14,000+ prizes

What is a HackDavis? Over 750 students, hackers, and creators from across California will come together April 16 and 17 for the official collegiate hackathon at UC Davis to code for social good. Participants will explore the intersection between technology and society and create projects addressing the world’s most pressing issues.

Because HackDavis emphasizes social good, each year they partner with three non-profit organizations to raise awareness for their issues. This year HackDavis picked Cool Davis as one of their partner non-profits! HackDavis 2022 will award more than $14,000 in prizes and will take place over 24 hours at the University Credit Union Center (otherwise known as the ARC).

Cool Davis reps will provide a problem statement, attend the hackathon to make a short pop-up presentation, answer questions, and observe what a hackathon is all about (particularly at the beginning at 11am Saturday morning and at the end, Sunday morning, but not the full 24 hours!).

Learn more about HackDavis at https://2022.hackdavis.io/.

A hackathon is where you transform your crazy ideas into real stuff. Hundreds of students from across California form teams around an idea and collaboratively create technical solutions to problems we face in our local communities. These ideas turn into websites, mobile apps, hardware, and more! HackDavis will be following MLH’s Code of Conduct.

Under new guidelines from the University, HackDavis 2022 will be a fully in-person event. Hackers will participate in-person at the University Credit Union Center at UC Davis – the first no-compromises in-person hackathon in California in nearly two years! HackDavis will be organized in accordance with CDC, State of California, City of Davis, and UC Davis protocols. However, all plans are subject to change with evolving public health guidance.