The one, the only Davis Loopalooza is back! Okay, it was back last year, too. But this year is special (see our cool new location below)! Bike Davis, The Bike Campaign, and the City of Davis have teamed up again to put on one of the most loopy events in Davis, with fun for families, students, elders, and, well, everyone!

Enter the 12-mile Davis Bike Loop anywhere, and go in either direction between 10am and 2pm. Visit all 11 stations and enter to win a $100 gift certificate to the Bike Garage. Find Whymcycles and special treats along the way! This year’s ride features the UCD Marching Band, improv groups, and music from three entertainment groups including the Island Crew! Island Crew brings interpretations of your favorite songs about boats, beaches and bars from Jimmy Buffet to Bob Marley and Oahu to the Bahamas, 6 and 12 string guitar, steel guitar, and world beat percussion.

Cool Davis has snagged the Village Homes gazebo as our station location! Look for us to make a refreshing pit stop before a slow rolling stroll through the paths and gardens of world famous Village Homes. More info to come!

Community hosts

Bike Davis Loopalooza site

The Bike Campaign Loopalooza site

City of Davis Loopalooza site


Station Information

Station 1: Community Park Hill: Davis Bike Park Alliance, DHS Mountain Bike, Improv Groups: Birdstrike, Cherry Pie (10a.m. – 12p.m), Island Crew (12p.m. – 2 p.m.), restrooms, water 

 Station 2Holmes Junior High: Bike Campaign/Bike Garage, Ken’s Bike Ski Board, e-bike test ride, Davis Bike Club, YSAQMD

Station 3: Pole Line & Loyola: WhymCycles & Bike Davis

 Station 4: Mace Ranch Cover Picnic Area: AYSO,  restrooms, water

Station 5: Montgomery Elementary School: City of Davis – Safe Routes to School Program, Davis Bike & Skateboards

Station 6:  Davis Commons/UCD Arboretum: Audubon Society, Bohart Museum, bird and nature watching, coloring

Station 7:  UC Davis Shields Library: Bike Barn, UCD Bike Program

Station 8: UC Davis West Campus Bridge: UCD Marching Band

 Station 9: Village Homes Gazebo: Cool Davis

 Station 10: Arroyo Park: Purple Tree Cafe, games

Station 11: Sycamore Park: Boy Scouts, water games