Cool Davis evolved just over 11 years ago as a volunteer-sparked effort, working with the City of Davis to respond to the climate crisis – well before many folks were calling it a crisis. News and mass media, not just scientists, are now behaving as if it is a well-established fact: we are already experiencing extreme weather and related impacts, and time is running out to avoid the worst of it.

Simultaneously, young people and indigenous communities who have respected the environment all along are rising up in increasing numbers to challenge this destructive business-as-usual paradigm. World leaders are meeting this week and next at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, to try to honor the commitments of the Paris Agreement, and a COP26 People’s Summit is occurring concurrently both online and in person to push for real change and real hope.

Finding our common courage

In this time of uncertainty, we may all be compelled to look inward for one reason or another, to re-evaluate what matters most. Cool Davis is also looking inward – the board (which has doubled in size since 2020), senior staff, and coalition leaders – to consider what we have accomplished in the past and how best to serve our community in the future. We are examining our mission, re-envisioning engagement strategies, and reaching out across the community to remain effective and responsive to changing dynamics.

The climate crisis can be overwhelming. You might be feeling energized and activated, or you might be feeling confused, anxious, powerless, resigned. As we work to understand these feelings and get beyond the paralysis they can create, a simple truth emerges.

When each of us acts with compassion for the people and places of our community, we fuel our common courage to address this crisis.

Cool Davis invites you to explore and harness your compassion as well as your courage. But which actions will make the biggest difference, or fastest impact? Which ones are right for each of you? We invite you to answer these questions with us. Together, we can push forward with opportunities to strengthen community resilience and shrink our carbon footprint.

Combine your energy and determination with ours as we support our community through these important choices and necessary change!

Please donate to support Cool Davis now!

A path forward

For over 11 years, Cool Davis has been providing information and activities that help households generate renewable power at home, reduce energy demand, use human power or clean power to get around, reduce the carbon lifecycle of their diet, and much more. And we have done so with minimal staff and funding. We have weathered the depths of the pandemic and have emerged with greater resolve to tackle this challenge ahead of us.

This winter, Cool Davis is preparing to reach out and work with more community members. We plan to resume in-person events as soon as possible and also to generate the resources needed to engage with small groups and individuals in more meaningful, longer-term ways. A donation to Cool Davis will help us collect the needed resources.

The City of Davis is re-assessing our greenhouse emission goals through the pandemic-delayed City of Davis Climate Action and Adaptation Plan update, which gives us another opportunity to re-focus on what our community needs to respond to this crisis. Register for the upcoming community workshop set for November 10.

Our annual appeal

For this year’s annual appeal, some generous donors are offering a match. Every dollar provided by new and returning donors will be matched up to $10,000 for a total goal this year of $20,000.

Your donation can make the difference in ensuring Cool Davis moves forward in the new year with:

  • Clean Energy Home workshops at neighborhood level
  • Building our staff and volunteer team to proceed with new engagement programs for households in multifamily settings
  • Supporting local action through the work of our coalition and partners – including our working groups — Davis Electric Vehicle Association, Davis Futures Forum, Water Wise Davis, Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice, Yolo Mobility, Cool Cuisine, and the Yolo Climate Emergency Coalition.

Cool Davis is also participating in Giving Tuesday so please spread the word to friends and family about giving to Cool Davis. Help meet the match on November 30 or give any time including today!

So, please, visit our Donate Now page to make your donation. Every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to give. Be a part of the global generosity movement and celebrate all acts of giving. Give Time, Give Gratitude, Give Support.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and courage!

Jason Bone,

Cool Davis Board President

p.s. Also consider volunteering with Cool Davis, sign up for activities, or add your voice to the Coalition. Most importantly, get started on the Cool Davis checklist by celebrating what you have already accomplished and recognizing you are only human and are beginning just exactly where you are — no matter where that is. Then choose one pro-environmental action with the greatest impact and move forward with it!


Cool Davis board chair Jason Bone identifies what motivates him to be more sustainable at home at the National Drive Electric Week event held under the Davis Central Park Pavilion, October 3, 2021.