Heating and cooling system more than 15 years old?

Is it time for an equipment upgrade?

Got drafts or hotspots?

Interested in saving money?

If you said yes to any of these questions, check out this opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, and maybe save some money, too! Cool Davis invites you to a FREE online workshop Sunday, August 1st from 2:00pm-3:30pm to get your home ready for a clean energy future. This event is held in partnership with the City of Davis with additional support from Valley Climate Action Center, Valley Clean Energy, Greiner Heating and Air, Frontier Energy, and Brower Mechanical.

Register today: Make a Plan for a Clean Energy Home

Sessions will be full of tips, tricks, and simple steps on the path to improving energy efficiency and comfort, reducing stress, and helping your community transition to a renewable energy future. Don’t wait for an emergency to get your ducts in a row and make a plan for a clean energy home!

Breakout room sessions will include

  • Ask an Expert: Local Contractors
  • Ask an Expert: All-Electric Homes
  • Ask Cool Davis and Homeowners
  • Ways to Pay: Financing Options

Register today to receive the meeting link and all the Cool handouts for this workshop.

If you cannot attend, register and we will send you the video recording and workshop materials following the event.

Learn all about Home Energy Efficiency at CoolDavis.org/HomeEnergy

Monica Parisi of East Davis learned about efficient, all-electric mini-splits (a type of heat pump system) from Cool Davis. Photo credit: Chrissy Backman.

The advantages of making a plan now

Planning for your home heating and cooling system replacement before it breaks allows you to

  • Evaluate all your options with less stress
  • Focus on comfort and indoor air quality
  • Incorporate energy efficiency improvements and equipment
  • Get multiple bids
  • Get the right size system
  • Phase installation and financing over time

This workshop will cover the basics like

  • Understanding your existing home systems
  • How to evaluate your energy bills
  • DIY energy efficiency ideas
  • Planning for your next upgrade
  • Working with contractors

Davis neighbors tell their stories

The workshop will also give participants an opportunity to listen to other homeowner experiences and ask them questions. Some homeowners have gotten all the way to Zero Net Energy while others have just taken some first steps.

East Davis neighbor Monica Parisi will share how learning about mini split heat pumps before her system broke helped her advocate for an energy efficient system. “Probably not unlike some people, I had my [AC system] go at the worst time… I learned about mini splits from Cool Davis.  [The contractor] gave me an estimate for replacing the same type of unit as I had, and the cost of the mini split was virtually the same… [The minisplit is] far more efficient because you can just do one room at a time or one section of the home at a time … And there is a cost benefit, to replace both the heating and air conditioning with a mini split… So, I opted for the mini split!”

Long time Davis resident Bill Heinicke is well on his way. “We did a major attic retrofit, new insulation, new ducts, and a new heat pump system that eliminates gas for heating. We installed a solar water heater, so our gas usage is zero and our entire house is run all electric and that energy comes from Valley Clean Energy, 100% renewable. So, our carbon footprint is really zero, it’s great!”

Make a plan now to avoid a breakdown later

It’s never too early to start planning.  A good experience starts with knowing where you’re at and where you want to be. This workshop will help you make a plan and learn how to advocate for the clean energy home of your future.