We are so grateful to our Big Day of Giving Donors! Cool Davis set a lofty goal of $30,000 for Big Day of Giving and still exceeded that goal with an amazing response from our community!

Thank you to match fund donors for providing us with a $15,000 matching fund and the donors who matched the match and beyond with $21255 for a total of $36,255! Donors like these and many others have allowed Cool Davis to survive this last year to move our content online and continue to help households with their transformations. Join us in thanking our many supporters!

Thank you to our matching fund donors!

Lisa Baker, Jason Bone, Dick & Carol Bourne, Larry Greene, Julie Haney, Kristin Heinemeier, Kelsey Fortune, Lorenzo Kristov, Richard & Anya McCann, The McCormick Family, Judy Moores, Lynne Nittler, and Johannes Troost.

Thank you to all our Big Day Donors!

Amy & Daniel Abramson, Karen and Steve Adams, Cindy Anders, Frances Andrews, Gregory Arz, Lisa Baker, Lydia Baskin, Cynthia Bates, Stacy Beard, Mark Berman, Michael Bobell, Richard Bode, Allen Bohnert, Barry, Bolden, Jason Bone, Tom Bone, Verena Borton, Ben & Nicole Bourne, Ann Brayson, Joan Brenchley, Marie-Therese Brown, John Bruhn, Casey Walsh Cady & Mark Cady, the Calciano Family, Dorothy Callison, Heather Campbell, Manny & Debbie Carbahal, Mark Carlson, Dan and Maureen Carson, Rich Casias & Estelle Shiroma, Andrea Clark, Sue Colombano, David Copp, Sheila Cordrey, Kathy Coulter, Ron Cotterel & Alisa Haller, Leslie Crenna, Diane Crumley, Bill Dakin, Bruce De Terra, Ann Denvir, Christopher Dewees, Elisabeth Dubin, Rachel Ellers, Andrew Enberg, Cindy Erickson, Susan Faggionato, Anne Marie Flynn, David Foos, Cathy Forkas, Rolf Frankenbach, Lucas and Stacie Frerichs, Barbara Gardner, Brian Gegan, Paul Ghiglieri, Lou Fox and Marnelle Gleason, Christine Granger, Larry Greene, Paul Grench, Lyra Halprin, Ann & Charles Halsted, Julie Haney, Amina Harris, Rachel Hartsough, Duncan Hay, Alan & Vera Hirsch-Sandronsky, Kristin Heinemeier, William Heinicke, Anna Henderson, Ashley Hill, Amy Hiss, Yvonne Hunter, Alan P Jackman, John Johnston, David Kalb, David Kane, Ken Kirsch, Autumn Labbe-Renault, Elizabeth Lasensky, Patricia Lewis, Neal Levine, Olga Levitsky, Karen Leyse, Jeff & Meaghan Likes, Jonathan W Long, Kerry Daane Loux, Joan Machlis-Crasemann, Diane Makley, Vincent Marchand, Mylon Marshall, Cindy Marshall, Michael McCormick, Gil Medevoy, Roberta Milstein, Kathryn Miura, Marilyn Moyle, Steve & Megan Murphy, Danielle Newberry, Eleanor Norris, Zackary O’Donnell & Adrienne Van Veen, Davis Osleger, Sally Ozonoff, Elise Parnes, Tome & Sarah Pattison, Susan Pelican, Jeff & Karen Pelz, Bruce Playle, Vicki Plutchok, Robert Poppenga, Lori Prizmich and Associates, William Roe, Helen Roland & Jim Cramer, jesikah maria ross, Jane and Bill Rundquist, Steve Schoenig, Kevin Scott & Lucia Kaiser, Jenn and Steve Short, Stephen Streeter, Pieter Stroeve, Margo Surovik Bohnert, Katrina Sutton, Martha Teeter, Marc Thompson, Craig Thomsen, Alexandra Tobler, Robert Traverso, Johannes Troost, Wil Uecker and Karen Fess, Upper Crust Bakery, Jeanette N Vance, Johan Verink, John Walter, Carol Warren, Lindsay Weston, Anthony Wexler, Stephen Wheeler, Nicole Whiting, Matt Williams, Lois & Bruce Wolk, Betty Woo, Judy Wydick, Meagan Yoshimoto-Clark & Adam Clark, Carol Youmans, Kent Bradford & Barbara Zadra, and James Zanetto.

The board and staff of Cool Davis are so grateful for the many people and organizations in our community and region who support our work and strive every day to remove fossil fuels from their lives and organizations!