It’s a very exciting time at Tree Davis. Volunteer events are back on the schedule and we need help mulching, weeding and caring for our trees before the summer heat. If you’re interested in attending a volunteer event, you can find details and sign up here. Don’t forget your mask and work gloves!

Want to be part of the Tree Davis team? We are hoping to hire an Urban Forestry Specialist to join us. If you or someone you know is interested, please check out the job description and application details here.

Free shade trees!

Would you like a free climate ready shade tree? Tree Davis has one more season of planting trees through the Community Canopy program. Sign up here today to receive a tree that will be able to handle hotter, drier temperatures in the future! All trees will be planted in the front yard of the property, in accordance with the city’s tree ordinance. The recipient is responsible for watering the tree.

Tribute trees make wonderful gifts

Honor a friend or loved one by dedicating a tree in Davis. Learn more about our program and have a special tree planted this fall in honor of a loved one.

Did you know that trees are a powerful solution to climate change?

Governor Newsom advanced Executive Order N-82-20 in October 2020, and now is your chance to make your voice heard about how nature based solutions can help combat climate change. Fill out the questionnaire today!

Similarly, The City of Davis is updating its Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) and you can make your voice heard about how trees can help combat local climate impacts by filling out the survey here.

Photo courtesy Tree Davis
Photo courtesy Tree Davis
Photo courtesy Tree Davis