Are you curious about electric vehicles (EVs) and want to know more? Are you thinking the time might be right but you don’t know enough to take the leap?

Your opportunity to find out more about EVs from experienced drivers is here!

On Saturday, April 17th at 10 am to 12pm, the Davis Electric Vehicle Association (DEVA) will host a Virtual Electric Vehicle Pop-Up to answer questions from those who are “EV Curious.”

A team of experienced EV drivers will discuss the steps they took to feel more confident about EVs. Then the floor will open for anyone to ask questions related to EVs, including charging, cost, rebates, current models and where to find more information.

The EV market is growing fast and by summer 2021 several new EV cars and even trucks will hit the dealerships. This is the place to ask questions and find out what you might need to know before charging up your life with an electric vehicle.

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For more information about electric vehicles, visit our Drive Electric page.

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