Every year Cool Davis and over 700 non-profit organizations regionwide participate in the Big Day of Giving, hoping to raise funds from generous community members. Anyone — friends, family, neighbors, organizations, and businesses – can donate starting April 22 through midnight May 6, 2021, to help keep Cool Davis alive and thriving.

Watch our social media channels (@cooldaviscity) for updates and donate starting April 22 (Earth Day) at https://www.bigdayofgiving.org/cooldavis.

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Give on Earth Day April 22!


Our collective accomplishments

With community support, Cool Davis staff and board members worked to raise $22,223 on the Big Day of Giving last year! Our new Big Day of Giving goal for this year is $30,000 and we feel confident our resilient and ever-more vaccinated community can help us make that happen!

Cool Davis is proud to report we received an Environmental Recognition Award from the City of Davis this past April 2020. We hope to celebrate in person with our amazing community soon. Some of the activities that led to this accomplishment include

  • along with our Coalition, hosting nearly 30 online meetings, presentations, and events over the course of the pandemic year,
  • distributing over 10,000 Cool Homes checklists over the past 10 years with the help of hundreds of volunteers, and
  • signing up over 1,600 households that are actively working towards reducing emissions.

Thanks to our work together, the City of Davis is the home of:

  • nearly 1,900 plug-in, all electric, or fuel cell vehicles (more than double the statewide increase over our campaign period), and
  • over 4,000 rooftop solar systems (more per capita than the leading large city, Honolulu).

Where will your support go?

Cool Davis operates on the hard work and expertise of scores of volunteers – averaging 5000 hours annually — but must increase funding to sustain our part-time staff to coordinate volunteers and bring our unmatched greenhouse gas reducing campaigns and Coalition activities to the community. We are working towards resuming in-person programming as soon as conditions allow.


Our challenge

Our mandate from the City of Davis is to reach 75% of households with climate saving solutions to help achieve our new Climate Emergency goal of carbon neutrality by 2040. We plan to announce our matching fund on Earth Day, April 22, when the Giving Edge hosted website will open for early donations. Over half our revenue comes from individual donors.

Chill with Cool Davis

Cool Davis hopes you’ll want to do some chillin’ with us! Let’s reduce our emissions, cool our climate, and build a better, more resilient community for all of our residents!

Give starting April 22 through midnight May 6 at https://www.bigdayofgiving.org/cooldavis


For general information about Cool Davis fundraising, email info@cooldavis.org

For help with reducing your household emissions, email coolsolutions@cooldavis.org

Visit us at www.cooldavis.org/coolsolutions or on social media at @cooldaviscity