Each year the City of Davis recognizes community contributions to Davis’ environmental quality of life in three categories: individual/group, a business, and non-profit organization, agency or school. Additionally, a special category, the Environmental Legacy Award, may be presented for sustainability efforts that have made a difference as part of Davis’ history over more than 100 years.

Download the ERA Flyer (PDF).

Selection Criteria

  • Nominee’s actions/achievements address a current environmental concern.
  • Nominee has an established record of achievements or actions benefiting the environment and quality of life in and around Davis, with commitment to continued effort long term.
  • Nominee has creatively implemented or developed an innovative project related to sustainability or the environment.
  • Nominee has set an example of how to conduct business, set up a home environment, and/or live daily in a manner that encourages sustainability and harmony with nature.
  • Nominee has impacted others in the Davis community, through outreach, engagement or education efforts.

How does one nominate a business, an individual or group, or a non-profit organization?

Nominations must include the following:

  • Nomination category:
    1. Business – must posses a current, valid City business license and be located within the City of Davis.
    2. Individual/Group – must be current resident(s) of Davis.
    3. Non-Profit Organization Agency, school or other community-based organization – must be located and operate in Davis. Non-profits must have a current and valid 501(c) or 23701d certification and must be located within the City of Davis.
  • The name, address, and phone number of the nominee, as well as the name, address, and phone number of the nominator.
  • How the nominee has shown exceptional environmental initiative.
  • How the nominee’s actions/achievements have improved our environmental quality of life.
  • Any other information that supports this nominee’s application. Samples of award winning nominations are available for viewing.
  • Supporting documentation may be used verbatim for the award presentation and news article.
  • Preview previous award recipients in each category here.

Nomination form: Environmental Recognition Award Nomination (PDF).

Where do I submit a nomination?

To submit a nomination, you may email your nomination packet to Kerry Loux at KLoux@cityofdavis.org, City of Davis, Department of Community Development and Sustainability.

For more information visit the City of Davis website: https://www.cityofdavis.org/city-hall/city-manager-s-office/news