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Incentives have always played a huge role in the adoption of new technologies. Eventually, prices come down as volume increases and innovations like electric cars, electric heat pumps, and renewable energy become commonplace. While prices have continued to drop, especially for rooftop solar, incentives have continued to ramp up! Cool Davis maintains a clearinghouse incentives page for our residents and we like to update you every once in a while when new incentives come along. Right now is one of those times!

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GREAT NEWS! Renewable energy tax credits were extended in the latest national spending bill, so rest assured the current 26% tax credit is now good through the end of 2022. This means 26% of total installation costs are subtracted dollar for dollar from your tax bill! Read more here. INCLUDES BATTERIES AS PART OF A SOLAR SYSTEM!

New electric vehicle purchase and lease incentives:

Used electric vehicle grant program for income qualified residents:

$5,000 grant for a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
$4,500 grant for a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)
$1,500 grant for a Hybrid (HEV)

PLUS: $2,000 grant for home charger or $1,000 gift card for public chargers

Visit the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program to apply.

Federal Home Energy Efficiency Incentives

PG&E/Valley Clean Energy customers are eligible for rebates to cover the cost of electric Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system repairs or upgrades, plus a $5,500 maximum incentive per home for Attic insulation, Wall Insulation, Floor Insulation, Duct Sealing, Duct Replacement, Right-sized Return, Heat Pump Space Conditioning, Cooling, Heat Pump Water Heater, Pool Pump, and more.

The first step is to contact a registered contractor in our region (none in Davis proper yet). Contractors are tasked with recommending and reporting an appropriate bundle of services for you and eventual rebate eligibility. This is a performance based program.

Visit (hosted by PG&E) to get started.

GRID Alternatives NO COST Renewable Energy and Job Training

This is a new addition to our Ways to Save page (welcome GRID Alternatives!): GRID Alternative’s Energy for All Program provides NO-COST solar for families with low to moderate incomes. You can save up to 90% on your electricity bills!

Solar installation job training opportunities: GRID Alternatives’s Installation Basics Training (IBT) program is a competency-based certificate program designed to develop the skills that are most relevant to entry-level solar installation jobs and related construction employment fields. IBT focuses on individual certificates in industry-recognized skills, providing trainees with valuable hands-on training and access to potential employment opportunities.

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