The city has added 12 more BikeLink lockers at the Davis Depot.

The new lockers provide secure parking for bikes up to 84 inches long, serving many of the longer-style bicycles, according to the city. The two-story lockers feature a lift-assist so bicycles can easily be lifted into and out of the lockers.

The Davis Depot also has 24 single-story bike lockers on the west side of the station.

To use a BikeLink locker, first purchase a BikeLink card at the train station counter or at The cost to store a bike is five cents per hour.

And while parking a bike in a bike locker is more secure than parking in a bike rack — and provides shelter from weather — there are also 225 free bike rack parking spaces at the train station.

The cost for the new lockers was $46,416 with funding provided by CalTrans and the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority.

“The city is grateful to receive this funding from CalTrans and CCJPA to provide more secure bike parking to our residents and visitors,” said Mayor Gloria Partida.

Jennifer Donofrio, the city’s bike and pedestrian coordinator, encouraged residents to use the bike lockers when possible because they are a safe place to park your bike and ensure it will be there when you come back.

However, if you decide to park at a free bike rack, Donofrio recommended locking the frame and wheels. She also recommended using security bolts and removing all quick-releases, typically located on the seat post and wheels. Remember also to remove all valuables when leaving your bike.

For more information on how to park bikes securely, visit and check out the Lock Your Bike page.

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Published online on September 17, 2020 | Printed in the September 18, 2020 edition on page A1