Announcements from youth and community leaders organizing locally in response to the climate emergency:

TONIGHT Environmental Justice Community Forum at 7pm on Zoom. Register here:

FRIDAY starting at noon in Central Park

Climate Strike Davis is joining youth activists around the world to demand immediate and far reaching climate action. The plan is to CAMP-OUT in Central Park for 24-hours . Please consider joining this social distance protest action with your families and stop by anytime noon Friday to noon Sat. We need help planning this action to keep everyone safe, compiling art, reviewing and updating the strike demands from last year, inviting the media, etc. Email to join this exciting action. Please circulate the beautiful invitation from Sarah Larson below and share with your kiddos!

Please share widely this beautiful invitation from Davis youth Sarah Larson:

Dear Friends,

We, the youth climate activists, cannot do this alone! Our Mother Earth cannot be saved without everyone’s help! We have been marching, protesting, striking and demanding help, but still we are not being heard and we are still not seeing emergency climate responses like we need. You can help us be heard and help save our future and our children’s future. Please come and help support us!!!

Climate Strike Davis
24-Hour Camp-Out For Climate Action
Noon on Friday to Noon Saturday
Central Park, Davis (5th and B St.)

We are requesting your help NOW! There is no more time to sit idly by! And to those of you who have taken action, THANK YOU! It is time to stand up and help every living being on this Planet! Anytime that you can spare would be greatly appreciated!

Youth Climate Activist,

Sarah Larson

-Run to the Rescue with Love and Peace will Follow! -River Jude Phoenix


Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 9am, the Yolo County Board of Supervisors will be voting on a climate emergency resolution to call for a mobilization that responds like our home is on fire – because it is! Please ENDORSE this effort and send a letter of support to your county supervisor this week here