Cool Davis is amazed and awed by the generosity of those who donated this past Big Day of Giving, Thursday, May 7.  The giving from to our match fund, as well as online and offline gifts kept arriving over the course of the week, with a final total of $21,873, a new record for Cool Davis!

For many organizations, Big Day of Giving fundraising is just the beginning of the extra support that will be needed in the coming months. Many, like the Yolo Food Bank, are providing direct service helping front line workers, families in need, and businesses in crisis. Other local ways to give include the Yolo COVID-19 Relief Initiative, and the Downtown Davis Gift Stimulus Program.

Cool Davis wants to specially thank our partners at Davis Media Access (DMA) who contnually provide us with technical advice and inspirational support in our work together! Our board, staff, and volunteers also contributed time and effort behind the scenes and on the “day of”!  It’s always fun to work as a team, even in this strange COVID-19 reality. Thank you!

Cool Davis extends a heartfelt thank you to our very cool donors.

Matching fund donors:

Dick & Carol Bourne, Larry Greene, Bill Heinicke, John Johnston, Kerry Daane Loux,  the McCormick Family, John Mott-Smith, Lynne Nittler, Chris Soderquist at RepowerYolo, and  Johannes Troost.

More than 80 donors during the day and beyond:

Judy Moores, our founder and friend, gave a substantial midday gift, lifting fundraising at a critical time! 

Judy was joined by Amy & Daniel Abramson, Mike Adams, Cynthia Anders, Meg Arnold, Lisa Baker, Kenneth Beck, Mark Berman, Shirley Biscotti, Jason Bone, Ray & Verena Borton, Dick & Carol Bourne, Nicole Bourne, Barbara Bower, John Bruhn, Dawn Calciano, Manny & Debbie Carbahal, Carolyn Chamberlain, Sheila Cordrey, Kathy Coulter, Diane Crumley, Michele Darling, Ken Eckey, Joy Elson, Anthony Eggert, Anne Marie Flynn, Franklin Fox, Lucas & Stacie Frerichs, Brian Gegan, Chris Granger & John Johnston, Larry Greene, Ann & Charles Halsted, Sandra Hamel, Rachel Hartsough, Kristin Heinemeier, Ashley E Hill, Yvonne Hunter, Lorenzo Kristov, Janet & Joe Krovoza, Autumn Labbe-Renault, Elizabeth Lasensky, Karen Leyse, Meghan Likes, Diane Makely, Anya & Richard McCann, McCormick Family, David & Denise Morse, Don Morrill, Gloria Partida, Jeff & Karin Pelz, Anthony Philipps, Robert Poeschel, Robert Poppenga, Matt & Liz Price, William Roe, Nancy Rowan, Meghan Russell, Dan Sperling, Chris Soderquist-Repower Yolo, Anna Steel, David Studer, Margo Surovik-Bohnert, Katrina Sutton, Johannes Troost, Lindsay Weston, Stephen Wheeler, Nicole Whiting, Bruce & Lois Wolk, Judy Wydick, Rick Wylie, and Kent Bradford & Barbara Zadra.