If you already have a rooftop solar system, Cool Davis wants to THANK YOU!  We also want to give you an  “I am Solar Powered” or “I Love Solar” sticker so you can share your solar pride! Put your sticker on your mailbox, bicycle, laptop, or wear it around town. Let people know that solar is a fantastic investment. Not only does it make good financial sense, it helps get our community closer to our 100% renewable energy goal.

Claim your sticker by doing one of the following:

  • Take our simple online solar pledge
  • Visit Cool Davis and Valley Clean Energy at Saturday Farmers Market in Davis 
    • March 7: “Is Solar Right for Me?”  
    • April 4: “Understanding NEM” 
    • May 2: “Battery Storage and Solar” 
    • June 6: “Solar Water Heating” 
  • Attend a Solar Champion orientation, next one is March 30th. 
  • Email me and I’ll drop one in the mail!

Whether or not you claim your prize, know that we appreciate you! By going solar you are a Champion and you are doing your part to get our community to 100% renewable energy. Households like yours across our community are installing solar systems. They’re saving energy and money and advancing our Cool Davis and City of Davis goal of 4,500 rooftop solar systems by the end of 2020.

As of November 2019, Davis had 3,822 systems installed. Thank you for committing to a more renewable future! We are so close to reaching our goal!

Don’t forget solar customers enrolled in Valley Clean Energy should still  opt-up to Ultra Green. Even if you need electricity from the grid, it will be 100% renewable!

Visit our Rooftop Solar webpage for tons of resources and updated campaign information.


Thank you!

Chrissy Backman


Cool Davis Energy Campaign Field Coordinator