Nayelie Quezada is an environmental outreach and community development intern at Cool Davis. She is an undergraduate student at UC Davis majoring in Community and Regional Development major and minoring in Environmental Science and Policy. And upon graduation from UC Davis, Nayelie would like to pursue a graduate degree in urban planning and sustainable development. During her free time, Nayelie likes to watch cook-off videos, enjoy good food, and hike! Nayelie will be working on EV adoption content with the goal of shaping our community to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Working as an intern here at Cool Davis, she hopes to gain practical knowledge in environmental-friendly city development.

Nayelie Quezada

Amy Joo is a third year undergraduate student at UC Davis who currently interns at Cool Davis as the environmental outreach writing intern. She is originally from Southern California, Orange County, but decided to pursue a higher education at Davis. Amy in interested in joining a science journalism graduate program post undergrad. As an Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity major and a professional writing minor bridge between science and writing and being able to represent science through writing.

Amy was interested in Cool Davis because it was a community oriented nonprofit organization that was completely non-judgmental towards community members yet keeps informing the community on how to take action. Amy will work alongside with Leslie on the Solar Energy project and the means of communication/media Cool Davis engages in.

Besides working towards her bachelor’s degree, interning at Cool Davis, and volunteering; Amy enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, reading, biking, swimming, and watching Lifestyle Youtube videos.




Amy Joo is a Cool Davis intern Fall quarter 2019. Amy majors in Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity with a professional writing minor at UC Davis.


Nayelie Quezada is a Cool Davis intern this Fall quarter 2019. Nayelie is majoring in Community and Regional Development and minoring in Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis.