A website dedicated to the second round of the Regional Attitudes Poll published May 2019 proclaims that in the Capital Region, the “residents have spoken: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the natural places we treasure are some of the things we value most …  and [residents] are calling for stepped up action from public institutions, companies, and all of us. These are consistent viewpoints no matter political party, age, relative wealth, or where you live.”

The poll of nearly 1000 residents from eight counties, 6% from Yolo County, found that a “super majority of residents are deeply committed to their natural environment yet overwhelmingly feel that government, business, and individuals must do more” according to the report’s executive summary, which was produced by the Institute for Social Research at Sacramento State and partner Valley Vision, a local research organization focusing on public opinion. Meg Arnold, chair of the Davis Downtown Plan Advisory Committee, contributed to the report in her professional role as Project Leader / Consultant with Valley Vision.

Motivations and making a change

Questions specifically related to taking action show 32% “make an effort to live in ways that help protect the environment” all of the time, while 61% make the effort only some of the time. The top three motivators were to provide environmental benefits for the community, social and health benefits for the community, and for household cost savings. For those who reported not taking action to protect the environment, the most commonly cited reason was that they could not afford it.

Of actions taken in the past year, conserving water or energy was reported by 81% of respondents while installing solar panels was reported by 12% and buying an EV by 14%. Conversely, 55%, and 44% reported they were very or extremely interested in installing solar panels and purchasing an electric vehicle in the future, respectively.

While 53% of respondents reported walking, biking, or using public transit in the past year, only 3% percent more were very or extremely interested in these same actions for the future.

Cool Davis and Partners working to solve environmental challenges

Cool Davis is listed among 26 organizations working to solve environmental challenges in the region (see page 19). Also listed are Cool Davis partners Tree Davis, Tuleyome, Yolo Basin Foundation, UC Davis Arboretum, and Putah Creek Council, as well as 350 Sacramento, Solar Cookers International, and the Environmental Council of Sacramento.

A page titled Taking Action lists GHG emission reduction policies and goals at the state level and specific initiatives in the Capital region. The report highlights the California Air Resources Board 2018 adoption of “the most ambitious target to date for the Sacramento region—a 19% per capita GHGs reduction target, based on a 2005 baseline and a 2035 target date.”

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