A short but inspiring and heartfelt message from our longest-running and very successful intern, Tarah Brady (CONGRATULATIONS!):

Hello my Cool Davis Community! I hope you are all well. Just checking in. I bumped into (Cool Davis volunteer) Yvonne Hunter at the grocery store a few days and she suggested I share my plans after graduation.

Since leaving Cool Davis in June, I have studied abroad, performed research with my professor, became the Communication Chair for the Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS) UCD Student Chapter, started horseback riding at the UCD Equestrian Center, and bumped into (Cool Davis volunteer) Monica Parisi as my TA for Intro to GIS this quarter!

After studying abroad this summer, I gained a deeper interest for Transportation because I saw how efficient Northern Europe was compared to the United States. I decided to try a career path in Transportation.

I graduate this Saturday and I will be starting 2 internships as a Transportation Planner at the UC Davis Medical Center (Green Commuter Program) and Caltrans Division of Rail and Mass Transportation (doing GIS/planning tasks) next week.
I want to thank you all for being a huge part of my growth when I first transferred to UC Davis. I joined Cool Davis my second quarter here and you have all taught me so much about sustainability, projects, and planning. I would not be where I am today if I didn’t start at Cool Davis and had such a positive support system from you all! It inspired me to continue with sustainability efforts in urban planning. Thank you.
I hope you all have a relaxing holiday break! :-)
Tarah Brady
p.s. I have attached photos from my UC Davis Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe program this summer.

Editor’s Note: Cool Davis had so much fun with Tarah, who gave us so much of her energy and enthusiasm and recruited several additional interns. Congratulations on graduation day and all the best in your two future internships! You will knock it out of the park!