The Cool Davis Coalition invites all to discover richness and camaraderie at a specially themed Coalition meeting Wednesday, August 15, from 4:30pm-6pm at the Bicycle Hall of Fame (3rd & B in Central Park Davis).

Cool Davis Coalition Circle of Bees
Circle of Bees is a local organization dedicated to protecting and expanding bee keeping culture and pollinator habitat. Courtesy photo.

The first half hour is a convening of members, including individuals, and any and all interested community members; the second portion starting at 5pm will unfold into a hour long panel featuring Robyn Waxman of Farm Davis, Christian Coulon of Circle of Bees, and Deema Tamini of Giving Garden. Both the meeting and panel are open to all.

The theme, Bee-utiful, Sustainable, & Edible: Living Closer to the Earth and Each Other, reflects the varied and thoughtfully connected work of three remarkable community members.

Robyn Waxman builds community through sustainable farming of public and private space. FARM Davis assists low-income and homeless populations, and integrates local and real food into mainstream culture and education. Christian Coulon leads a local organization dedicated to protecting and expanding beekeeping culture and pollinator habitat in places where people live. Christian will talk about swarm capture services, home beekeeping, and the Circle’s new beeutification art project! Deema Tamini represents a community app for gardeners and local food enthusiasts that facilitates growing, sharing, and eating food together.

This is a free and open-to-all event! After the panel, attendees are invited to continue their fruitful evening at Picnic in the Park.

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