Interested in making your community healthy for families and the future? Learn more about how land use planning can impact health at the next Davis Futures Forum featuring Dr. Elizabeth Baca, Wednesday, April 4th at 7pm at Davis Community Chambers, 23 Russell Blvd, Davis.

In the 1960s, Americans had a longer life expectancy than Europeans. Now it’s 2.5 years fewer, and getting shorter. A recent study found that many factors contribute to this health disadvantage: among them, Americans are more likely to live in cities designed for cars rather than for pedestrians or cyclists.

On April 4, physician Elizabeth Baca will help us understand what makes a healthy community. A graduate of Harvard Medical School and former Stanford professor, Dr. Baca currently serves as the senior health advisor in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research. She is focusing on win/win steps we can take in city planning that address a full range of concerns: health, the economy, air quality, and climate change.

Register at the Davis Futures Forum’s web page (coming soon).

This free event promises to be fascinating!

The purpose of the Davis Futures Forum is to highlight innovative approaches to social, economic, and environmental sustainability through land use planning.  The Forum primarily accomplishes its work by arranging for nationally known experts to speak at local public venues and with help from experts and supporters at the City of Davis, UC Davis, and in the community.

Go to the Davis Futures Forum’s web page for a list of past talks since 2016 and links to videos.