Recent tax policy changes have generated concerned for non-profits like Cool Davis. Keep in mind there are some silver linings ringing the recent changes:

  1. Numerous local donors are dedicated to our work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable and resilient solutions. We trust that you and they will continue to give at levels and ways that make sense to you in this new tax environment. In fact, some donors are deciding to increase their donation this year to take a larger deduction before the tax changes take effect. For those of you who choose to increase this year’s donation significantly, know that we plan to invest it in activities that will produce real change in our community over the next few years. Please consult with your tax advisor about options.
  2. Tax incentives and rebates remain untouched related to two of our major campaigns — promoting the adoption of rooftop solar/solar hotwater and electric vehicles. State rebates remain available for new EVs. Cool Davis knows these credits are a critical to significant personal progress on reducing emissions in home energy use and transportation.  We know that your EV/PV solution will have a tremendous impact, regardless of what’s going on in the rest of the country and with national policy.
  3. Check out the Cool Davis Rooftop Solar and Drive Electric pages for super resources and specific information about financial incentives.

Remember, that while the tax changes will affect the way people contribute to our organization, we are confident that the daily acts that transform our lives away from polluting sources of energy will continue and, in fact, expand because sustainability makes good financial sense. These smart financial decisions have the added benefit of improving our health and the overall resilience of our community and the planet.

Despite the changes, know that our work will continue and you can count on us to focus on results for our community!

  1. In 2018, Cool Davis will continue the Double Up on Solar campaign, encouraging more households to adopt Rooftop Solar. In the first year, Davisites pulled permits for 503 new systems! Soon we’ll have the results of our 2017 efforts. For those households that aren’t able to install solar, the new Valley Clean Energy Alliance rolling out next summer offers new opportunities to increase the renewables in your home energy mix.
  2. Also in 2018, Cool Davis plans to offer more opportunities to ride and drive electric vehicles. We get a charge out of getting you good information from local owners so you can understand your choices. Find out about joining the new Cool Davis working group DEVA by emailing or send us an email at to join our list of EV owners and EV curious!
  3. At the neighborhood level, we will be training local volunteers to do household outreach, delivering neighborhood-based programs to help answer key questions and provide resources for household  transformation. If you’re interested in helping with this effort, sign up to volunteer now! Get your home connected by signing up to be a Cool Home!
  4. For those looking to link their work with ours, check out the Cool Davis Coalition — our local network of organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting the City’s greenhouse gas reduction goals!  The Coalition meets quarterly and is always looking for new members.  Working groups are tackling different aspects of sustainability in our community.
  5. Remember, you can give to Cool Davis by donating your old car or planning an event to support Cool Davis.  Just let us know how you would like to contribute and we’ll work with you!

We look forward to achieving even more with your help in the coming year!


Christine Granger, Executive Director