The 23 different owner vehicles on display and four dealers providing 10 electric vehicles for test driving, made for National Drive Electric Week success in Davis. EV @ the Market Day provided everything local EV interested folks could want! “I came out to see the car I wanted to see and I got to drive it! I really didn’t expect that I would get to do that! This is a great event” said Camille Kirk.

Many of those who attended came to drive specific vehicles and were not disappointed. Dealers report that decisions were made and vehicles purchased/leased/ordered soon after the event.

“This is the reason we do these events,” said Chris Granger, Executive Director of Cool Davis. “Not all dealers have all the cars and often they sell fast. So if you are interested in an EV sometimes it can be hard to get a chance to actually drive one. Here we have 10 different vehicles to drive, then you can compare and consult with actual owners. There is no better way to help people make this choice!”

22 EV owners had over 793 conversations with attendees answering questions about range, charging options, and vehicle pros and cons. 119 drivers drove one or more of the 10 vehicles available to drive. 64 people answered surveys and/or signed up for follow-up information and future events about their pre-driving knowledge and will answer follow-up surveys about their post driving attitudes. Some attendees also participated in workshops where they got more in-depth presentations on charging, future technology and advantages of installing Solar to power the EV.

John Johnston, a local owner of a Fiat 500e, displayed his car in the Farmers Market to catch the eye of visitors and direct them to the Show & Tell. Its presence stimulated a lot of good questions about Electric Vehicles and the reality of driving them. Johnston drives his car to CSUS daily, with a home solar system providing the fuel, his annual cost of electricity is still under $200 for the year. That’s all the electrical use of his home and all of the electric vehicle miles for $200.

Drive Electric Week Success – Thanks to all the  Volunteers & Owners!

Cool Davis and SacEV are greatful to all the volunteers and owners of the Show & Tell vehicles. The were their usual awesome – arriving early to set up and staying until the last question was answered. It was another great Drive Electric Week success, a great day and a fabulous team with: Heath Carney, Matt Chan, Peter Brown, Larry Burdette, Darell Dickey, Barbara Gardener, Brian Guerdat, Thomas Ha, Guy Hall, Paul Imhof, John Johnston, Ryan & Cheri Nevins, Lynne Nittler, Marc Nutt, George Parrot, Robert Poeschel, Joe Real, Seanain Snow, Omar Sultan, Carl Wagner, Tom Wilcox .

Thanks to City of Davis Staff!

City of Davis staff were invaluable to the planning of the event! Thanks go especially to specially Bob Bowen, Kelly Stachowitz, Kerry Loux and Diane Parro!

Thank You Dealers, Exhibitors & Partners

Hanlee’s Toyota & Nissan, University Honda, DuPratt Ford, Niello  RePower Yolo, & Ken’s Bike & Ski, Davis Enterprise

For more information or to join the new Davis Electric Vehicle Association: email  Visit or follow us at

This event was locally sponsored by:

Cool Davis | Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association| The City of Davis| in collaboration with Plug In America and National Drive Electric Week