Come honor and celebrate the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

Six conspiring women with creative talents, led by local musician and director Laura Sandage, present “Sacred Earth,” an evening of song, meditation, prayer, and reverence on Friday, June 9, at 7:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis (27074 Patwin Road, Davis).

It will be a full moon that evening! All who love this Earth and all who are curious to learn more are welcome. Registration RSVP will be available in the coming week.

This event is intended to gather people together to treasure the earth we share, to remember its many gifts, to appreciate our connection to the natural world, and to remind us of our sacred obligation to cherish and protect the thin membrane in which life flourishes. Our love and commitment to a more sustainable future grow out of this awareness. Those who work so hard on environmental issues must take time to nourish their relationship to our earth home. This event is Laura’s way of replenishing those who most need to reconnect or renew their delight in the natural world.

A few days into planning, Betsy Taloff said, “I have been honored to work with such passionate, artistic women to create this event. I hope it will be as powerful and inspiring for the attendees as it has been for me.”

Wendy Silk took the charge quite seriously. She said, “Invoking faith and science, hope and reason, we are celebrating our planet Earth. We invite our larger community to join us. May we lift spirits to inspire positive activity for environmental protection.”


The air we breathe in and breathe out is critical for life. Clean air is a necessity.  May we never forget it.

Laura Sandage and her six conspiring women — Mimi Hampton, Wendy Silk, Dana Stokes, Cam Stoufer, Betsy Taloff, and Lorraine Visher — offer their insights on what makes life on earth so special. Guests will be invited to select a gift from the earth as they enter.

After an opening invocation, the seven female guides will explore the basic elements: the earth itself, the water without which nothing grows, the air we breathe, and the energy of fire.

Sometimes it takes the energy of fire to ignite action.


This “Sacred Earth” journey will lead in many directions, but it will close with reverence for this wondrous earth home. Hopefully, the presentation will leave participants firmly recommitted to continue climate and environmental justice work in these challenging times. Those who choose to join the experience can expect to be reflective, uplifted, and energized. Participants will be encouraged to join in the singing, the meditations, the prayer, and the chants throughout the evening.

As Lorraine Visher explains in her invitation, “In times of darkness it’s more important than ever to join together and sing, speak, dance our way back to light and a right relationship with the world. Join us, join hands, join hearts, join hope. “

Mimi Hampton invites the community with open gratitude in her poem.

In a world,
where, all too often,
our earth is denied,
its rightful magnificence…
&, our people,
seek shadows for safety…

Please come…
Help us reconnect to our planet & our community…

Help us remember our humanity & our hope…


Water is life. All living creatures need clean water to survive.  Yet this precious resource is becoming one of our most scarce.


Donations of $5-$20 will be a return gift to the natural grounds surrounding the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis. Green Sanctuary member Lynne Nittler explains, “Our campus is already a certified National Wildlife Habitat. Our small creatures and many bird visitors require water to survive. Our one permanent water fountain serves a very large natural area. Therefore, we are raising funds for a second permanent water feature.”

Take a break from the political fray and nourish your love of this sacred earth. Bring a friend and join the thoughtful celebration.