May 23, 2017

Dan Zack, former Downtown Development Coordinator for Redwood City, will share his experiences on Thursday May 25th  at 7pm (RSVP Now!) in the City Council Chambers as part of the Davis Futures Forum series. Dan will describe the brick-and-mortar realization of a community vision for Downtown Redwood City and how it palpably improved its quality of life and the economic health.  This is the fifth in a series of talks designed to prepare our community to discuss the next 20 year plan for downtown Davis.

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The Context: Revitalizing Downtown Davis

It’s one thing for a community to have a vision, but it’s another thing to attract investors to getting it built.  The speaker brings an important perspective to the city’s redo of the Core Area Specific Plan (the part of the General Plan that addresses downtown). The city will be begin the planning process in the fall. Revitalizing downtown Davis for sustainability is an important aspect of this community discussion.

Dan’s work has earned awards for both superior planning and parking management. Dan specializes in downtown planning and developing walkable neighborhoods. He now serves as Assistant Planning Director for the City of Fresno and is the Vice Chair of the Congress for New Urbanism in California.

Walk-in seating is available but to secure a seat please RSVP now RESERVE YOUR SEAT!

About Davis Futures Forum

Dan Zack is the fifth speaker in the Davis Futures Forum series.  The  series is a partnership between city, community, and university that brings nationally known speakers to Davis. As we discuss our plans for the future, our goal is to prime the pump with new ideas on how to better achieve social, economic, and environmental sustainability at a local level. To date, our speakers and topics have included:

  • Joe Minicozzi (revenue optimization using land use policy),
  • Chuck Marohn (strong towns built on sustainable revenue base),
  • Daniel Parolek (form based code), and
  • Robert Liberty (lessons from Portland’s revitalization)

For more information about the Davis Futures Forum and to learn more about past forums click here.