Twice a year, millions of California residents receive a credit on their utility bill identified as the “California Climate Credit.” The Climate Credit is one of many programs resulting from landmark legislation called the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Taken together, these programs are cutting pollution, creating jobs, and investing in cleaner energy and transportation.

Your Climate Credit is also designed to help you join in these efforts. You can use the savings from your Climate Credit however you choose, but why not save even more money by investing those savings in some small yet satisfying energy-saving goodies?

2017 Climate Credit For PG& E customers this year’s credit was $17.40 on your April and October bills totaling $36.80. Sure, you could just pocket that small change, or you could think about small ways to make that money multiply.

Save Money in the Future and Give Back to the Planet

What’s your next energy saving action?

  • Replace your light bulbs with LEDs. They last for decades so the price is a steal!
  • Get ready for the heat! Replace your HVAC filters!
  • Purchase a clothesline to hang those clothes instead of using a dryer!
  • Cook a gourmet vegan meal for friends or dine out with Cool Cuisine! Veggies take fewer resources to produce!
  • Water conservation saves energy too! What about a new drip irrigation extension or a new drought tolerant plant? Maybe a timer for your shower?
  • Get a helmet, one white and one red bike light, or reflectors for some cool evening rides!

Give back to Cool Davis or another environmental non-profit! GIVE NOW!

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