BIG GOALS for Big Day of Giving — $20,000  Give Now to Cool Davis!

Cool Davis is launching the next phase of our Cool Homes outreach efforts this fall! 

Volunteer leaders must be trained and program activities prepared for the fall.  The BigDay of Giving will help Cool Davis jump start this effort.  Funds we raise on Big Day of Giving will support a Field Coordinator to recruit, train and manage this team of outreach and support volunteers rolling out of our energy related campaigns like Double up on Solar!.

Early on Cool Davis set a goal of engaging 75% of households in the community in greenhouse gas reduction (nearly 20,000 households).  We know that thousands of households are taking action, like the nearly 3000 with solar PV, hundreds completing energy retrofits, or removing their lawns.  Now is the time for an expanded effort to help households take the next step while providing deeper connections to community wide climate action.

Our Goal for Big Day of Giving is $20,000 — 

Things you can do now to help on the Big Day!

  • Give Early if you like – starting April 14th people can begin giving directly on the Big Day of Giving website. The donations will not be recognized until after midnight on May 4th when Big Day of Giving officially starts.  Give Now to Cool Davis!
  • Prepare a personal Email, Facebook, Twitter or NextDoor post that you can circulate to your family, friends, fellow Cool Davis fans and all contacts! Feature what Cool — Energy, Transportation or Consumption action you have undertaken this year.  Attach a picture and why you give to Cool Davis! Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter
  • Hit Send! Send the message to your friends by email and invite them to give! Please integrate content from this message into your draft email and send to your personal list.

General Link for Big Day of Giving (just copy into your email)– Give Now!

Cool Davis link on Big Day of Giving site (just copy into your email) Give Now to Cool Davis!

To Give Off-Line: send a check to P.O. Box 4013 Davis, CA 95617

Things to Do On May 4th!

  • Stay tuned throughout the day! Help spread the word – via emails, social media, texts, etc!
  • Like, Follow, Post, Share our images on FaceBook or Twitter as you receive them!
  • Prizes – Cool Davis can participate in several prize challenges and you can too!
  • BigDoG May 4th


Big Day of Giving La Gotita and El Rayito Say Find a Friend and Give! DR#2
Big Day of Giving: La Gotita and El Rayito Say Find a Friend and Give!