The City of Davis has lots to be proud of this year: First off we turn 100 years young. To celebrate the Davis Centennial, the City is engaging in a series of events from a slideshow presentation of historical photos at the Varsity Theater to a re-creation of the first City Council meeting at Community Chambers at City Hall. The City is calling for Centenarians to step up and be noticed (folks who turn 100 this year) and for historical photos for the celebrations.

Check out this full listing of Centennial Events throughout the year.

Second of all — smack in the middle of our timeline at 50 years — we went ahead and instituted the first ever dedicated on street bike lanes. It’s hard to imagine life without them now. Read the Outside Magazine article about this amazing step forward for our City and our nation.

But there’s more! What is now known as PVUSA (just north of town on Pole Line Road) began as a research effort 30 years ago. PVUSA has birthed multiple innovations and inspired seminal policy changes at the state level and is still producing energy for our City.

There are certainly other anniversaries this year, but the advent of a legal greywater code for California 10 years ago began a process in Davis that led to local ordinance in 2009 and a slow moving train toward wiser water use here in town. Maybe by our next 100 years every home will reuse greywater and collect rainwater.

Remember, a step taken now can have huge impacts down the road. Just look at our own town!

Congratulations, Davis!

Plug in with the City on these fabulous and fun ways to celebrate this Centennial Year:

To commemorate the actual founding date, March 28, there will be a Davis Centennial slideshow at the Varsity Theater hosted by the City from 12pm to 1:15pm. Check out the event and RSVP on social media.

More goodies:

City of Davis Centennial announcement

City of Davis Centennial web page

For a growing collection of historical photos and a link to UCD Shields Library’s exhibit “Celebrating 100 Years of Community.”

You can also Sign up for Centennial News and Updates.


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The City of Davis turns 100 in 2017!