February 20, 2017

Are you missing the thrill of the Women’s March, that sense of people standing together, determined, wide-awake, united by a common purpose?  A new Davis group is forming that may recreate some of the same euphoria even as the members offer a service to progressive causes.

A few local activists who like to both sing and protest are calling on like-minded women to form a Davis Chapter of Raging Grannies, an international organization of women committed to progressive activism with a musical twist.

The first introductory meeting of the group will take place at the Davis Friend Meeting House at 346 L Street (and 4th) on  Sunday, March 12th from 3:00-5:00 p.m. We lean toward practicing on Sunday afternoons, but we’ll see when we get together.

First meeting at Davis Friend Meeting House at 346 L Street on  Sunday, March 12th from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

The group began in 1987 in Victoria, British Columbia, and quickly spread across that country and around the world. Its members take to the streets promoting peace, justice, and social and economic equality through song and humor.

The Davis group is seeking  a few good women “of that certain age” who share a commitment to peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability.  Grannies bring with them a sense of humor, a sense of outrage, and a commitment to non-violence. Being a biological grandmother is not a requirement nor is having a trained singing voice. Grannies are totally non-violent, believing in only peaceful protest (with lots of laughter).

In addition to women singers, the new chapter (also called a gaggle) welcomes musicians to accompany them and artistically-gifted people to help create signage and curate their costumes. We will even welcome men singers “of a certain age” in this era of inclusivity.  We’re hoping to discover a music director among those who show up.

For more information about the Raging Grannies in general, visit their website and view some of their songs .

To get on the email list to receive the particulars about the first meeting or to learn more about the Davis Gaggle, e-mail Lynne Nittler at interfaithATcooldavis.org.  Please put Raging Grannies in the subject line.