Nov 30, 2016

A quick Cool Story for you swimming pool fans:

Here in Davis, swimming pools are super refreshing in the heat of summer. But the evaporation can amount to a lot of water.

While we’re receiving nearly an average year’s worth of rainfall this year, the drought, water scarcity, and snowpack will continue to be issues into the future.

Catching rainwater now is one way to offset your potable water usage as we approach summer. Another strategy is to invest in a pool cover.

One of our Neighbor’s Night Out Solar Pioneers has passed on his experience with capturing rainwater with a backyard tank to fill up his pool.

See if you can find the storage tank in the photo below!

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“We have a pool that we love to use here in Davis, but the evaporative rate in summer was a bummer.

So, we spent less than $1,200 and got approval from the City to install a 2,800 gallon water catchment [tank] to use rain water to meet most of our evaporative pool needs.

This year our rain water took us near the end of June. Not enough to completely augment our pool’s need, but over half.
 And it actually looks nice in our back yard!”
Jeff Tweddale
 Central Davis

Jeff Tweddale's backyard 2800gal rain tank
Jeff Tweddale’s backyard 2800 gallon rain tank can fill his pool through June.