June 9, 2016

Should I donate my shoes or recycle them?

Many organizations take shoe donations in which lightly worn athletic shoes are either re-sold or sent to communities or individuals.

If your shoes still have life in them, by all means donate them to benefit others.

On the other hand, Nike Reuse-A-Shoe takes worn-out shoes that would otherwise end up in landfills and transforms them into something new, even if they are not Nikes! 

There are two ways you can recycle your shoes through the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program.

1. Bring up to 10 pairs of worn out athletic shoes to any Reuse-A-Shoe collection location, which can be found at most U.S. Nike and Converse retail stores as well as some global Nike locations.  Offer to take shoes from neighbors!

The closest store to Davis that accepts shoes is the Converse Factory Store, 336 Nut Tree Parkway, Vacaville, 707-448-4151. The Converse collection bin is on the left after you enter the Converse Factory Store.

Please note the Vacaville Nike Factory Store does not participate in this program even though it is listed in the web link below.

At times the Nike recycling stores abruptly stop collecting shoes, as if overwhelmed. It may be wise to phone ahead. For a list of all the stores with collection bins, visit here.

2. Alternatively, mail shoes directly to Nike’s recycling facility. Nike cannot pay for shipping costs, so to ensure that the shipping and collection of shoes doesn’t negatively offset the environmental benefit of recycling, they encourage drop-off collection points if possible.

United States Facility:
Nike Grind Processing
3552 Avenue of Commerce
Memphis, TN 38125

Read the Reuse-A-Shoe FAQS page here.