By Keli Rutan-Jorgensen

Congratulations to Davis Bicycles! the winner of the Cool Davis Climate Solutions Transportation Award for 2016.

About 10 years ago, a small group of like-minded residents got together to address a local issue. Bike riding as a mode of transportation had dropped from 30 to 15 percent.

The group decided to focus on improving the infrastructure to make bike riding safer and achieve the League of American Bicyclists’ designation as a  “Bicycle Friendly Community.  They achieved their goals, and thus began Davis Bicycles!

Their first major community-wide project was to create the 12-mile Davis Bike Loop.  They painted markers on the street and marked the route on a map.

The project was so well-received that the city of Davis eventually adopted the Bike Loop, and now maintains the painted markers on the streets.  In 2009, they created a Schools Committee, which developed the Safe Routes project.

Bike riding is a win-win solution—it reduces fossil fuel emissions while promoting healthy habits.

Since its inception, Davis Bicycles! has carried out a number of other programs to help people ride their bikes.  They have partnered with schools and neighborhood organizations interested in climate and health issues, promoted keeping bike lanes clear and safe, and organized bicycle classes and workshops.

Davis Bicycles! aims at making bike riding safe and accessible. Trish Price, president of the local organization says that their philosophy is, “If cities are built for people, then people will want to go there.”

Davis Bicycles! boasts a membership of nearly 10,00 residents. Membership is free.

You can sign up at to receive calls for action and opportunities to help out with bike-to-work events. According to Price, “We want people to get out there and have fun on their bikes.”

2016 Climate Solutions Award: Transportation

2016 Cool Davis Award Recipients

Eco Heroes: Lisa Baker, Steven Wheeler, Parvaneh Keivanfar and Dana “Alex” Gray, Mike Hart

Climate Solutions: Mutual Housing Yolo, Davis Bicycles!, UC Davis Aggie Reuse Store


Each year Cool Davis recognizes individual Davis residents as Eco Heroes. The winners are residents who model how to incorporate sustainable practices into their work, civic, and everyday lives. Acting out of personal conviction, they do “the right thing” for themselves, our community, and our planet.

The Cool Davis Climate Solution Awards go to local businesses, groups, or organizations for exemplary efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  As they model ways to reduce their environmental impact, they become leaders in creating options to conserve resources, reduce fossil fuel dependence, and stabilize the climate.

In its efforts to work with our community on carbon reduction and sustainability, Cool Davis awards focus on Energy, Transportation, and Consumption.