April 8, 2016

After years of valuable service, Nick Buxton is passing on the torch as Cool Davis Communications Coordinator in an effort to bring some sanity back to his schedule. Cool Davis is grateful for Nick’s passionate and knowledgeable contributions to our mission over these past few years.

While Nick will still be available for consultation and support, the month-to-month operation of the team will be under the guidance of Leslie Crenna.

Editor, Business Owner, Community Advocate

Leslie is a freelance writer and editor with experience ranging from restoration project documentation, project editing for reference, trade, and education, authoring web and app media reviews, and K-12 sustainable garden lesson plans (development and delivery).

Leslie is also involved with a community advocacy group Water Wise Davis and has founded a service dubbed EcoAssistant providing guidance to homeowners to lower their carbon footprint and specializing in greywater and rainwater capture systems consultation. EcoAssistant is a Cool Davis Partner.

Leslie has volunteered with Cool Davis since she moved to town in 2012 helping with community outreach, festival exhibits, winning our successful bid for the Cool California Challenge of 2013, workshop coordination, and authoring web articles.

Clayburg Creates

Staying on with the team is Evan Clayburg as Design and Video Master. Evan is a local web designer and video producer not to mention a Third Space Art Collective co-founder and devotee extraordinaire.