February 11, 2016, 6:30 pm Veterans Memorial Center Club Room
Electricity in Davis with greater consumer choice, local control, double the green energy and competitive rates? How is this possible? On February 11, 2016, come to the Veterans Memorial Center Club Room at 6:30 p.m. to learn, ask questions of the City’s expert energy team, and find out if you agree that Community Choice Energy (CCE) is a great fit for Davis – and Yolo County.

• The February 11th public forum agenda: CCE Forum Agenda 2-11-16

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• Draft CCE Technical Study:
Draft CCE Technical StudyCCE Forum Agenda 2-11-16

After careful study by its energy experts over the past year, the City is poised to bring competition to the electricity market in Davis. Based on a working model being replicated all over the State, Davis is in a position to create a locally designed electricity program that will allow ratepayers a choice of how their electricity is generated including rate options to boost the renewable energy content if that is their priority. In keeping with the goal to increase competition, every ratepayer has the choice to opt-out and stay with the investor owned utility if they are satisfied with PG&E.

Here’s how CCE works:
• If the City of Davis moves forward with CCE, it will purchase electricity on behalf of Davis ratepayers – from sources that are cleaner, greener and more local.
• It won’t interrupt electricity service in any way. PG&E will continue to deliver the electricity from the grid to homes and businesses, maintain the power lines, read meters, and send ratepayers a single, consolidated bill.
• The only change is an opportunity to choose between different energy options—for the first time ever – at rates that are competitive and sometimes cheaper than what PG&E offers.
• If a home or business is in a CCE service area, it will be automatically enrolled in the program. The ratepayer can choose to opt out and return to PG&E “bundled service” at any time.
• CCE programs are revenue supported, not taxpayer subsidized.
• This is a model that is working successfully in more than 20 cities in California with dozens more ready to go.

The February 11th Public Forum is the third and final in a series of forums held this past year on Community Choice Energy. The City is hoping that residents will be able to attend the forum. If not, they will have another opportunity to learn about CCE on Tuesday, February 16th at 7:00 pm in the Community Chambers at City Hall when the City Council is scheduled to hear recommendations on CCE options from its Community Choice Energy Advisory Committee and energy experts. The Council is scheduled to make a final decision on March 1st on how best to implement Community Choice Energy in Davis.

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For more information, please call 530-757-5610 or email cce@cityofdavis.org