Joe Minicozzi’s Partner is coming to Davis!

How Davis can use public data to plan growth so our community is financially strong as well as socially and environmentally resilient.

Keynote Speaker: Charles Marohn,
Nationally Recognized Transportation & Urban Planner

When: Friday January 22 — 10 am to 11:30 am
Where: Davis City Hall – Community Chambers

Marohn is the Founder and Executive Director of Strong Towns. He is currently partnering with architect Joe Minicozzi showing cities how data can be used to get beyond growth/no growth polarization and build a consensus about urban change through “fact-based planning.”

Marohn’s blog “” has inspired cities to find new ways to blend quality of life and
financial sustainability. When people leave his highly entertaining presentations, they don’t look at
their city in the same way.

  • What is the connection between the physical design of cities and their
    operating costs?
  • How can our community leverage the investments we’ve made that
    make Davis a great place to live to assure financial sustainability—
    without destroying those same features?
  • What data can be used to build community consensus in Davis?

Cosponsors include: City of Davis, Davis Downtown Business Association, Cool Davis, Local Government Commission, UC Davis Department of Landscape Architecture,
UC Davis Community and Regional Development Department,
UC Davis National Center for Sustainable Transportation.

For more information contact: Judy Corbett at:

This event is one of a series being organized by the Davis Futures Forum, a collaboration between planners, academics, community leaders and residents. We believe developing a common language about the issues facing Davis will help our community more effectively address economic and environmental challenges.

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