By Jim Cramer
Consider calling EcoAssistant!

EcoAssistant was created in 2014 to help Davis families attain sustainable lifestyles. The four partners – Leslie Crenna, Scott Ragsdale, Keli Rutan-Jorgensen, and Chrissy Backman – frequently encounter residents who want to be good stewards of the environment but aren’t sure what they can do. By combining their diverse sets of skills and experiences, the partners offer customized research and comprehensive advice to guide residents towards workable and practical solutions.

To understand EcoAssistant, it’s best to consider specific examples of their achievements:

Family A is dedicated to conservation and reducing its carbon footprint and had already done most of the obvious things promoted by Cool Davis: enhanced insulation, LED lights, solar panels, low-flow fixtures, drip irrigation, etc. But they wanted to do more. EcoAssistant conducted an in-depth interview, completed a thorough inspection of the home and garden, and produced a 10-page analysis of the home’s energy and water systems and suggested 12 modifications. EcoAssistant then did 2-month and 12-month follow-up visits to review progress and encourage further efforts.

Leslie Crenna loves solving problems for her clients and reducing their carbon footprint.
Leslie Crenna loves solving problems for her clients and reducing their carbon footprint.

Family B was specifically concerned about water conservation. EcoAssistant did extensive research on possible greywater retrofits but found that none was practical given the layout of the house and garden. However, EcoSystem did install a roof-to-barrel rainwater harvesting system that provides substantial water for garden irrigation that significantly reduces the yearly need to use city water.

Family C was interested in a drought-tolerant landscape and  sought horticultural knowledge. EcoAssistant provided information on a variety of native grasses, supervised the installation of a drought-tolerant “meadow,” and advised the family on how to improve its compost pile, too.

Family D needed ways conserve home energy. EcoAssistant provided information about solar PV systems that enabled Family D to negotiate with vendors in an informed manner. They also suggested installation of a natural gas fireplace insert to replace a decade-old furnace. Family D now has very low utility bills and lives warm and comfortably.

The services of EcoAssistant have helped numerous clients conserve water and energy and meet their sustainability goals. Go to their website to see rave reviews and additional information about what EcoAssistant can do to help you.

Way to go, EcoAssistant!! Cool Davis is pleased to welcome EcoAssistant as a new Cool Davis Partner and Coalition member.