Joseph Minicozzi is coming to town, offering a unique learning opportunity for those interested in how to grow our city in ways that nurture our quality of life and yet contribute to fiscal sustainability. He arrives just in time to deepen our city-wide discussion about the design of our city which is now poised for growth as it considers Innovation Parks and other new additions. For those who care about keeping Davis a great place to live, hearing Mr. Minicozzi on September 29 either at 4 PM at UC Davis or at 7 PM at the Vets Memorial Theater, is a must. Read more about the events Flier Growth In Davis Event 9 29 Minicozzi F2.

Cool Davis is all about moving our city toward a more sustainable future. We’re always on the lookout for ideas and research to incorporate into our plan that encompasses  1) the home and business energy efficiency we need to approach net zero, 2) the alternative transportation solutions that will shift us dramatically to EV adoption, busing, transit, and of course, more biking and walking, and finally 3) a revolution in our consumption as we reduce waste, conserve water, and become conscious of our food prints. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint, adapt to a changing climate and improve the quality of life for all.

Members of Cool Davis will be in the audience with eager, open minds, as Minicozzi provides useful information to all who care about the quality of life in Davis in the next decades. With his broad background, Minicozzi has developed invaluable analytical tools using public data which may prove helpful to both the city and Cool Davis. He promises to show us how we can leverage those things we love about our community to make it attractive for the growth that we have chosen, and he offers ways to build community consensus.

Spaces are limited for these free talks, so sign up in advance Flier Growth In Davis Event 9 29 Minicozzi F2.