Saturday, September 12th from 8:00am-2:30pm in the Veteran’s Memorial parking lot and entrance to Community Park.

Come join Cool Davis as we celebrate National Drive Electric Week.

Let’s kick emissions to the curb! It’s the first day of the AYSO season and National Drive Electric Week! How will you be getting to games this fall?

Join us for some fun between games and learn how you can get to Community Park, Veteran’s Memorial Center, and DHS while keeping your carbon footprint small. We’ll have plenty of vehicles to test drive!

Alongside our transportation partners we want to help you get to your favorite community destinations while cutting back on emissions. Come down and explore your transportation options, ride a Whymcycle, test drive an electric vehicle, enter to win prizes, and have tons of fun!

Reaching our goals:

Cool Davis is assisting households to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as the community moves towards its carbon neutrality goal.  Electric vehicle adoption is one of several actions that households can take to reduce their transportation related GHG.  With the City, Cool Davis has set a campaign goal of 2500 EV’s in our community by 2020.

What is a plug-in vehicle?

Plug-in vehicles can either be fully electric or they can be a plug-in hybrid which can utilize traditional fuels as well as electricity. Unlike conventional hybrids, you can charge them by plugging in, enabling you to recharge your battery using electricity instead of through the use of the engine and braking alone.

Why consider an electric vehicle?

  • They’re fun to drive
  • They have few to no tailpipe emissions
  • They’re cheap to fuel


Electric Vehicle Test Drives

Ride in an Electric Vehicle

Talk to Owners About Their Experiences

Ride a Whymcycle

Win great prizes!


If you would like to help out at this event or have an electric vehicle you would like to display please contact