Cool Davis and the Yolo Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice brought an eloquent climate speaker – author and nature advocate Kathleen Dean Moore – to Davis for a community talk on March 6 and as the keynote speaker for the third annual Interfaith Climate Conference on March 7, 2015. For those who missed the two special appearances and for those who wish to listen again or share with friends, Davis Media Access captured her words as well as the Intergenerational panel and several workshops on video. Find all the video selections here. 

Kathleen Dean Moore spoke on the “Moral Urgency of Climate Action” at the Davis Veterans Memorial Theater on March 6. After establishing the importance of taking action on climate change, she challenged the audience to ask:
1) What gifts have I been given?
2) What do I love too much to lose?
3) How can that love empower me to use my gifts to stop anyone from damaging those things I love, using the three c’s:
Conscientious objection,
 Creative disruption, and
Courageous, relentless citizenship.

Listen to the hour-long talk with slides on Climate Change here.

Kathleen Dean Moore opened the Third Annual Interfaith Climate Conference on March 7th with her talk on “Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril.” She described the path we are on and urged us to write a new story, a love story in which we are the protagonists because we know what we love too much to lose, and we will find ways to ways to protect what we love. She talked about our love for our children and our the diversity of life. To learn more about the love story we are writing, tune in here.

Emili Abdel-Ghany spoke on the need to examine how we trat one another and the coming together of climate and other social justice movements.
Emili Abdel-Ghany spoke on the need to examine how we trat one another and the coming together of climate and other social justice movements.

An intergenerational panel including former mayor Joe Krovoza, a Humphrey Fellow from China Mr. Dong Zhao, a 2014 UCD graduate and field organizer with CA Student Sustainability Coalition Emili Abdel-Ghany, and Davis High School Student Sarah Zaragoza-Smith, plus Kathleen Dean Moore spoke to the moral obligation to take action to protect the future of a planet in peril. They addressed climate change and effective climate action. Moderator Craig Lundgren from the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation asked each to comment on what each generation could contribute. Hear the complete panel discussion here.
The introduction to the Interfaith Climate Conference with MC Lucas Frerichs included a welcome from our host, a blessing by University Covenant Church pastor, a few words from Cool Davis, and a Song. Listen to the Introduction to the Conference here.

The afternoon of the Climate Conference was devoted to workshops on slowing climate change through lifestyle changes and political action. Two of the practical workshops were recorded. Other workshops included: Zero Waste Home and Zero Waste Ohm, the Spiritual Benefits of Reducing; Interfaith Meatless Monday; System Change through Divestment: Fossil Free United Methodist Church; Youth Track; Recycling in Davis, The Ant and the Rubber Tree Plant: Citizen’s Climate Lobby; Divest: Fossil Free CalPERS/ CalSTRS/ UC; The Civil Rights and Wrongs of Climate Change: an Environmental Justice Perspective.  For a full description of the workshops offered, go here.

Watch Making Net Zero Fun  with Kristen Heinemeier and Steven Nyholm here.

Watch Personal Transportation Options with Peter Kerr and Robb Davis here.

As an example of Courageous, Relentless Citizenship, watch this In the Studio talk show on Transporting Crude-by-rail on oil trains through Davis and many other communities and natural areas. Lynne Nittler, Elizabeth Lasensky, and Frances Burke share their knowledge of how the city of Davis became aware of the danger of oil trains and awakened SACOG to the threat as well. Learn about the grass roots crude-by-rail movement here.

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