Cool Davis is joining hundreds of local organizations on May 3rd 2016 for the Big Day of Giving! This is a great opportunity for you to support our work and multiply your donation by numerous local businesses and donors.

With your support we can put in motion the resources needed to reach out to our community and make it a model for low-carbon development.

So please include Cool Davis in your giving.

Just log onto on May 3rd, 2016.

Remember all our Cool Davis Coalition members and friends and give to local organizations committed to making our community, region, and planet a more sustainable place to live and work!

  • Davis Bicycles!
  • Davis Bike Collective
  • Davis Permaculture Guild
  • Community Alliance with Family Farmers
  • Yolo Farm to Fork/Davis Farm to School
  • Davis Media Access
  • Explorit
  • FARM 2.6
  • International House
  • Putah Creek Council
  • Tree Davis
  • Tuleyome
  • The Bike Campaign
  • UCD Arboretum
  • Valley Climate Action Center
  • Vegans of Davis
  • Yolo Clean Air
  • Yolo Basin Foundation
  • Yolo County Housing
  • Yolo Food Bank
  • Yolo Land Trust
  • Citizens Climate Lobby-Yolo

Make your gift and help our region reach its fundraising goals!

Just log onto on May 3rd, 2016.