This spring, FARM Davis will host a series of unique workshops for the Davis community. The goal of these workshops is to share valuable skills and to create a space where community members can collaborate in making long-lasting societal change.

The ALT.Farming Workshop Series will take place between April and June at FARM 2.6 on County Road 95 (about 6 miles West of downtown Davis). Carpooling will be available and attendance will be limited, depending on the workshop’s needs.

Workshop fees allow FARM Davis to continue giving food away, and covers the cost of materials for the workshop. For more information or to reserve a spot for one or more workshops, contact Lisa McGurty at More information can be found at

Permaculture Workshop : April 18 : 11–1pm : FARM 2.6
Learn to evaluate the natural patterns and cycles of your home landscape; learn to work with nature to maximize overall productivity and aesthetic beauty in your home garden. Learn soil enhancing techniques, natural pest control, improved means of catching & conserving water, and more!!
$10 (Fee Waivers are available upon request – email )

Preserving Diversity—Seed-Saving Basics : May 2 : 11–1pm  at FARM 2.6
Come and learn about the gift that keeps on giving! This workshop will introduce basic seed-saving techniques for a number of common garden varieties. Learn about the specifics of seed production, pollination, timing, harvesting, cleaning and storing. $10 (Fee Waivers are available upon request – email )

From Laundry to Landscape—How to Incorporate Greywater Systems into the Home : May 16 :: 10–2:30pm

How to divert water from kitchen sinks, showers, tubs and laundry machines into irrigation for home landscaping. Learn the various techniques used to harvest water at the household level, including strategies on barrel placement and proper water storage techniques. $15

To DYE for! : May 30 & June 6 : 3–5pm at  FARM 2.6
During this two-day workshop, learn the basics of natural, home-grown dyes! On Day 1, discover how to prepare dyes from garden vegetation, to mordant (fix) silk, cotton, and wool for dyes using different household ingredients, and to make a solar cooker with simple materials and xacto knife. Day 2 of the following week, return to experience the dye process, and go home with your naturally dyed creation! Participants must be 13 years of age or older.  $15 (includes dyes, mordants, and your own solar cooker to take home)