By Nick Buxton

Davis residents have a proud history of being leaders on caring for our environment – in just the last few years both the University and the City have won prizes for our efforts and today we are number three in the California league in terms of water conservation. Yet even so, building awareness and support for action on climate change is difficult.

Sure we understand that sealing drafty door cracks, putting in LED lights or car-pooling to work could reduce our carbon footprint, save us money in the bargain and play a role in securing a safer future for future generations. But how do we balance that with the need to file our taxes on time, pick up the kids from baseball or get round to cleaning up the disaster that used to be the garage?

One way to break through that and find the time to act is by making a pledge, and then following a program that provides both the small easy steps as well as the giant ones that can set you on a path to a healthier, happier and more sustainable lifestyle. Earth Day 2015 is a great time to get started.

To mark the occasion, Cool Davis, a coalition of organizations committed to reducing our city’s carbon footprint and improve the quality of life of all, has begun a big push to get people to sign up to be “Cool Homes.” To sign up, all you have to do is fill in a survey online ( or offline at one of our stalls, where you let us know what you are already doing and what you would like to do in your apartment, house or lodging so we can provide you with the resources, support and encouragement to make changes that will make a difference. Our goal is to recruit 5000 Cool Homes by the end of year – a core of people that will start to transform this community for the better and be part of protecting the Earth we live on.

On Earth day itself, Cool Davis will be presenting its eco-hero and climate solution awards to individuals, businesses and institutions who have started on this journey. Our awardees span a range of ages – from ninth grade to retirement. They model permaculture while providing healthy food for the hungry, they build net-zero energy housing, foster alternate ways to travel besides cars and develop sustainable policies for communities in Davis and beyond. Their awards come with grand titles, but they are all ordinary people who made their own pledge to start on a low carbon journey a few years ago.

Cool Davis will introduce its eco-heroes and climate solution awardees from the band stage at the Davis Farmers Market at 6:30 pm on Wednesday April 22. After the awardee presentation, everyone will have a chance to speak to the awardees on the north patio of the US Bicycle Hall of Fame to get ideas and information to inspire their own actions.  To learn about each awardee, go here.

Throughout the market, volunteers will be around to help you sign up to be a Cool Home. So come and celebrate Earth Day at the Wednesday Farmers Market and return home ready to “cool” your Home. Together we can Cool Davis.