Cool Davis is currently working alongside the City of Davis, Valley Climate Action Center, and the UCD Institute for Transportation Studies to plan the next 10 years of electric vehicle (EV) charging in Davis. We would like to extend the opportunity for you to participate in this planning. We hope to create a plan that will improve charging and support future needs throughout the community for both current and future owners. We need your ideas and input to make this project successful. Tell us about your EV charging experience and needs in the City of Davis. If you would like to participate in this planning, please fill out this brief survey. Contact us at for more information.

This planning is vital to achieving our communities’ transportation goals. Greenhouse gases (GHG) from transportation account for more than 40% of our household emissions. Owning an EV can make a huge difference in the GHG of a household and as electric vehicles become more common and affordable all types of households will need electric charging that works for them.  Households need a cityscape that supports the changes they are making and we are very excited to be a part of planning this support system. Our vision is for EVs and other low and no emission vehicles (bikes and fuel cell vehicles) to become the normative vehicles driven inside our community in the next decade.

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