(By: Shelby Kelley & Guy Hall)

We here at Cool Davis would like to pass along this invitation to SacEV’s next meeting. The new Tesla Dual Drive will be there along with other fabulous EVs that you may have seen around town and might like to ask questions about and get a better look at. So come early (5PM) if you’d like to talk cars and see some of what the EV market has to offer. The meeting itself (6PM) will address current topics of interest and projects to be launched shortly.
There will be food and some EV trivia so come join the fun. If you can’t make it to the meeting you should still check out SacEV.

In case you are unfamiliar with SacEV here is some basic information from their website:
SacEV is a chapter of the national nonprofit Electric Auto Association, advocating for Electric Vehicles and growth of regional EV supporting infrastructure. We promote EVs and educate the public on the current and future state, availability, uses, and purchase options of electric vehicles along with their infrastructure, technology, benefits, and value.

The invite from SacEV:

EVer’s and EV interested parties,

Great EV meeting planned. We have a new location and better food for the meeting.

PreMeeting with cars 5PM (In Parking lot in front of Nissan office) Show your EV and share experiences with other SacEV members. Come and see the new Tesla Dual Drive.

Meeting Topics Include:
•Market update
•PG&E and CPUC Pilot for special EV charging rate
•Update on fast chargers in the region
•See the new Tesla Dual Drive
•SacEV / SARTA produced Dealer EV Training now available
•PEV Collaborative on plans for 2015
•President of Electric Auto Association talk about their direction
•Government EV programs for 2015

Pizza and drinks served. Anyone is welcome to attend. First time meeting attendees get special gift.

Location: Nissan Technical Center, 3300 Industrial Blvd. Suite 400, West Sacramento, CA 95691 Many thanks to Nissan for their support!

Time: 5PM PreMeeting with cars
6-7:30PM Meeting

Charging is available. Ask at the office (Suite 400) for charging assistance. J1772 and CHAdeMO are on site.


We hope to see you there!