John Swann has put together a plan to encourage more visitors to check out downtown Davis and at the same time explore the use of clean transportation options! Bak2Sac offers a free Amtrak Capitol Corridor ticket to Sacramento for those who ride two wheels into Davis, so they don’t have to be concerned about getting back home later. The program will be administered through Yolo County Visitors Bureau from July 15-Dec. 19. The goal is to boost tourism while decreasing traffic and parking demands, and of course, promote new transportation habits that curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Participants bike over the causeway, often a 20 mile ride, and patronize one of the participating restaurants and bike shops to receive a voucher. At the Amtrak Station the voucher is redeemed for a free ride home with their bicycle at off-peak times: after 7:00 pm on week days and after noon on weekends and holidays. At the end of each month, the business giving vouchers split the cost of the discounted train ticket with the other sponsoring entities such as the City of Davis or the Chamber of Commerce.

A pilot program launched during May Is Bike Month met with considerable success. The program is expected to start again in the new year with the hope that it becomes sustainable.

Participating businesses so far include:
• Bistro 33 – 226 F Street (530) 756-4556
• Ken’s Bike-Ski-Board – 650 G Street (530) 758-3223
• Monticello Seasonal Cuisine – 630 G Street (530) 792-8066
• Haut Again – 129 E Street (530) 341-2172
• Sudwerk Dock Store — 2001 2nd Street (530) 756-2739
• Sudwerk Restaurant – 2001 2nd Street, (530) 758-8700
• Armadillo Music -205 F Street, (530)758-8058
• Avid Reader – 617 2nd Street, (530) 758-4040
• Visit or Facebook Bak2Sac to find the latest info.

John Swann has high hopes. “The project may eventually result in some bike traffic improvements such as wider bike lanes or even a new bike path on the other side of the railroad tracks.”

Rhonda Gruska, owner of Monticello Seasonal Cuisine in Davis, said her hyperlocal business is a perfect fit for the Bac2Sac. Gruska’s restaurant uses food from Fiddler’s Green, their own farm in Yolo County.

“Davis is known for a lot of healthy habits – like bicycling – and we’re a really healthy restaurant.” Gruska said. “This program is a great fit with bicycling.”