After more than 20 years in Davis, Dos Coyotes Border Café is primarily famous for its great food, but it should also be known for its pioneering work as a business to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at its two locations in Davis. They were one of the first businesses in Davis to earn Gold Level Certification from Partners for a Greener Davis and have been an active sponsor and partner of Cool Davis since our beginning.
As owner Bobby Coyote says, “Green is a our favourite colour”. To save money and achieve greenhouse gas reductions, Dos Coyotes did an overhaul of both their energy and waste systems. They installed high efficiency HVAC systems, installed AC economizers, changed out all the lights in their restaurants and installed low flow toilets to conserve water.”We’re always striving to do better and buy energy efficient appliances,” says Bobby Coyote.

On a day-to-day basis, they use compostable dinnerware in the restaraunt to reduce waste, participate in the city composting scheme, use scrapers instead of a sprayers whenever possible to clean equipment, which saves money and water. When the restaurant is not very busy, they turn off half the char broiler to save energy.

For their staff too, Dos Coyotes created a biking incentive for employees and guests alike to reduce transportation emissions.

Asked about his motivation to green his business, Bobby said, “Restaurants can generate a lot of waste.”  He explains that they ultimately went in this direction because it was the right thing to do.  As his kids came along, his commitment to not trash the earth for future generations was heightened.