Because invention honors Davis creators &
Upcycling is the treasure hunt of going green.

Who may enter? Anyone who has a local invention, robot, 3D printed item, piece of renovated furniture, refashioned fashion, upcycled jewelry, or anything found, fun, and redone.

How to enter? Send an email to (If you are roadkilll on the information superhighway, phone, 758-4903.) List the following:
• your name
• your entry (invention, invention, furniture, clothing)
• display space needed (clothes rack, table, floor space)
• optional (send us a jpg) and we’ll post it online.

Upcyclers bringing furniture must be responsible for taking it home after the fair and must give proof of their home address. Inventors with items too large to display can bring a photo.

When? Bring your entry to Central Park, fair day Sunday June 1st at 9 am.

What is Square Tomatoes? Square Tomatoes is a crafts fair in Central Park on the first Sunday of the month from 11 to 4. We have live jazz for dancing and over 40 food and craft vendors. Our 2014 fairs are as follows: June 1, July 6, Aug 3, Sep 7, Oct 19, Nov 2, Nov 16, Nov 30, Dec 14.

Lost for ideas? Fear not, upcycling is fun and saves money. Take a look at the examples on the following websites.
(Upcycled furniture, jewelry, and kitchen scraps upcycled into vegetables)

What’s happening on Invention and Upcycling Day?
• Over 40 food and craft vendors and jazz for dancing,
• A display and vote for the contest entries,
• An idea board with images to awaken sleeping tinkers, upcyclers, and inventors,
• Inventors’ café with comfy chairs, discussion, and coffee,
• “A Rhapsody in Redo”—fearless furniture wizards take second hand to the outer limits,
• Scissors Wizards Clothing Clinic, where wizards help guests redesign of clothes.

Resources: The following sponsors have idea books or displays where you can see photos of upcycled and refashioned items. Hibberts Lumber, SPCA Thrift, Boheme Thrift Store, Aggie Reuse, Common Grounds Coffee.

Square Tomatoes also thanks the Chamber of Commerce, Cool Davis, and the Sierra Club Yolano Group for sponsoring this contest.