Each year Cool Davis members are humbled by the process of selecting our award recipients. There are so many remarkable individuals and groups taking action every day, and we have much to learn from them. We are also grateful that so many people step forward willingly to serve on the selection committee, and then  interview the selected individuals, write the Enterprise articles, and in some cases even snap the photograph that accompanies the interview.  Finally, we are ever thankful that Debbie Davis, editor of the Davis Enterprise, makes space to publish all the interviews and showcase our award winners to the community.

At the individual level, we recognize “Eco-heroes” – Davis residents who model how to incorporate sustainable practices into their work, civic, and everyday lives. Acting out of personal conviction, they are just doing “the right thing” for themselves, our community and our planet.

Kristin Heinemeier works on energy efficiency in buildings
Kristin Heinemeier works on energy efficiency in buildings.   Claire Black Slotton/ Courtesy photo

The Cool Davis Climate Solution Awards go to local businesses, groups, or organizations for exemplary efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As they model ways to reduce their environmental impact, they become leaders in creating options to conserve resources, reduce fossil fuel dependence, and stabilize the climate.

In its efforts to work with our community on greenhouse gas emission reduction and sustainability issues, Cool Davis focuses on three topics: Buildings (energy efficiency ), Transportation (helping our community shift to non-fossil fuel vehicles and modes of transportation) and Consumption (reducing consumption and waste of food, water, etc.)

Our 2014 Eco Hero award in Energy Efficiency goes to Kristin Heinemeier for her work on the science of energy efficiency, while Hallmark Properties receives a Climate Solutions award for retrofitting its buildings with energy-efficient, up-to-date technology. Read here for the details.

UC Davis profesor Andy Frank, who has made hybrid electric and electric vehicles the focus of his career, demonstrates how to "tank up" his electric car.
UC Davis profesor Andy Frank, who has made hybrid electric and electric vehicles the focus of his career, demonstrates how to “tank up” his electric car.  Bruce Thomas/Courtesy Photo

The Eco-hero awards for Transportation go to Andy Frank for producing cars that use fewer and cleaner energy resources and Carla Peterman for her efforts to build the statewide infrastructure needed to support Andy’s cars. Davis Bicycles! School Committee receives the Climate Solution Award for promoting both healthy lifestyles and a healthy planet. Find out more details here.

The Eco-Hero awards for Consumption are shared by Ivy Zhou and Marissa Wong for their Green Team leadership at Holmes Junior High School, while Davis United Methodist Church receives a Climate Solution award for its exemplary efforts to become a “green congregation” and help the hungry of Davis, too. Read here for more information.

Cool Davis highlights these Eco-heroes and Climate Solution organizations and businesses to provide models and inspiration for the rest of us. We hope readers chose to begin their own journey toward a lower carbon footprint and a more sustainable and often healthier and rich lifestyle today!