By Cool Davis Board Member Anthony Eggert

On Sunday, February 9, UC Davis Professor and ‘Blue Planet Prize’ recipient Dan Sperling gave a captivating talk to supporters of Cool Davis on the global challenges and opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.Many of Cool Davis’ major donors, supporters and sponsors from 2010 to the present were on hand for this special event.

After describing the challenge of a world that includes 2 billion vehicles by 2020, Dan talked about the ‘three legs of the stool’ that comprise the opportunities for change including vehicle efficiency, low-carbon fuels, and more efficient land use/travel behavior.

A lively audience listens to Dan Sperling.
A lively audience listens to Dan Sperling.

California is making progress on all three with groundbreaking policies including 1) the vehicle standards established in California, now national, that will double fuel economy by 2025;  2) the low carbon fuel standard which will diversify the fuel supply to cleaner sources, and 3) policies that encourage mixed-use and walkable communities..

When asked about what individuals can do to contribute, Dan mentioned that every citizen and community can be a force for positive change by voting with their dollars when they choose what vehicles to buy (e.g. electric car), voting for candidates and policies they support, and changing their daily travel and energy use behavior.

Cool Davis is grateful for all our supporters! For this event, Nicole Salengo from Berryessa Gap Winery provided and poured wine. Harpest Susan Coppock played delightful music for our gathering time. Savory appetizers were made by Cool Davis Partner — Monticello Cuisine.