Join Chef Debra for a few hours of Cool Cooking for a Cool Planet. Debra will show you how to choose a climate-friendly diet and be a cool cook. Literally. She will get you into the kitchen and teach you how to make dishes that are delicious and satisfying without using any heat or electrical appliances. Participants will taste fresh, healthful, local dishes and go home with the recipes to make at home. Choose from two dates.

Thursday, August 8 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Or Saturday, August 10 from 10:00 – 12:00 a.m.
RSVP to or phone her at (916) 847-3619 so Debra can judge the amount of food needed.

Minimum:10 individuals per class. Bring a friend!

Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis
27074 Patwin Road (off Russell Blvd near Pedrick Rd)
Fee: $20 to cover food expenses

Chef Debra has 30 years of experience with climate-friendly cooking.
Chef Debra has 30 years of experience with climate-friendly cooking.

Chef Debra of Pheasant Hollow Farm is a passionate, adventuresome and enthusiastic personal chef and cooking instructor with over 30 years of professional experience serving Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, Williams and Colusa. She is continually looking for ways to make healthy, local food more exciting and more sustainable and planet-friendly. Find out more about Chef Debra at .

Debra Chase’s Pheasant Hollow Farm places simplicity at the core of everything she does. She knows that well-prepared food made from honest ingredients speaks for itself, so she focuses on providing memorable healthy meals. She supports local artisans, farms and ranches, using the best possible seasonal ingredients. Debra is a pro at teaching cooking skills so that others can prepare simple and delicious meals. In these classes, she will demonstrate how to prepare delicious dishes from seasonal vegetables and fruits without using electricity to keep your homes cool.

Debra suggests, “The more people pay attention to where their food comes from, making conscious choices about what they eat and then preparing their own food, the less waste there will be. Less waste means less carbon in the atmosphere. The fewer miles a person and their food travel, the less carbon that is put into the atmosphere. I believe the closer people come to agriculture, i.e. the raising of their fruit and vegetables and grains, the closer they will come to honoring and respecting our earth.”

Co-sponsored by Cool Davis and the Green Sanctuary Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis.