The discounts with Energy Benefits Yolo (EBY)– Group Buy have been extended to run through July 31st.  Households through-out Yolo County can participate in the program.   REC Solar and Brower Mechanical were selected by EBY last March  to provide discounts in Solar PV, Household Audits, Energy Efficiency, & Solar Hot water based on the numbers of people who sign up and contract for upgrades.

This is a helpful opportunity for owners of single family homes who have been toying with the idea of Energy Efficiency improvements or adding Solar PV, to take action at substantially lower cost. 

First, owners can get an energy audit (valued at $500) for just $98.  The Audit will help determine what kinds of energy upgrades are appropriate for your home.  Further discounts are based the number of participants who proceed with energy efficiency upgrades.  For some homeowners that participated last time the combined discounts, rebates and other incentives added up to at least 50% off the cost of the upgrades.

According to Mitch Sears, City of Davis Sustainability Manager, “The City is excited that phase II is beginning.  We know that households throughout our community are looking for opportunities to reduce their energy use, save money and improve the value of their homes.  This is just the beginning of the kinds of lower cost solutions through group buys that we would like to facilitate for Davis residents.”

Before and after attic insulation
Before and after attic insulation

Cool Davis volunteers are actively promoting the program and are particularly focused on encouraging homeowners to make those Energy Efficiency Upgrades now.  “Fixing the thermal barrier between the attic and the conditioned space of your home can really improve your  home’s comfort.  It is also an easy way to lower your heating and cooling bills with relatively low payback periods.  By getting the low cost audit through the EBY program you can take the first step in determining what your home needs and set your energy retrofit priority list.” says Chrissy Backman, a member of the Cool Davis Community Action Team.

Ready to Add Solar?

Home owners who have already completed those energy efficiency fixes may be ready to add solar pv or solar hot water.  This is a great opportunity.  For these more efficient homes, solar systems will be smaller and therefore cheaper.  “Imagine a 1.96 kw system for less than $4 a watt and you get a little money back from PG& E every year.  This is possible with the right combination of energy upgrades and solar PV, “ says one homeowner who participated last year.

Homeowners who own or are considering a plug in electric vehicle can really benefit from the solar PV Discounts.  Local leaders promoting Plug in Electric vehicle adoption are excited,  “This is a unique opportunity to get your solar PV in place to help fuel that electric vehicle,”  says Mark Braly, Valley Climate Action Center leader, “ It’s a win for the climate and a win for your wallet!”

If you are ready to sign up go to: .