Veteran’s Memorial Center:  203 E. Fourteenth Street
March 21, 2013:  Club Room (Davis, CA) – 6:00 p.m.

All are welcome, but an RSVP in advace will assist with our planning efforts.  Contact or 530-757-5686.

The City of Davis Natural Resources Commission will hold a public workshop to discuss the city’s recycling and solid waste planning.  At this workshop, leaders in the recycling industry will be available to answer your questions on current and future recycling and solid waste programs in Davis.  Waste reduction targets, future programs, and approaches will be the focus.

Waste reduction and adoption of a waste management plan is one of the City Council’s 2012-2014 goals.  This workshop will help the development of a waste management plan with a goal to achieve diverting 75% of waste from landfills by the year 2020.

1. Pre-workshop exhibits on solid waste management and recycling (30 minutes)
a. Davis Public Works
b. CalRecycle
c. Cool Davis
d. Californians Against Waste
e. recycling consultant

2. Eugene Wilson, NRC Chair, and Mayor Joe Krovoza (5 min.)
a. Open workshop
•  Solid Waste Issues Facing the Community:   Planning for more  waste diversion, evaluating solid waste services, keeping utility rates affordable

b. Purpose
• Gather information for Natural Resources Commission
• Provide opportunities for public involvement
• Finalize NRC recommendations on City’s Draft Integrated     Waste Management Plan for City Council consideration

c. Email sign-up sheet – stay involved

d. Recognition/ Introduce Panel
• Councilmembers present
• Yolo County representatives
• CalRecycle representatives
• Cool Davis representatives
• City staff
• Others

2. Ground Rules/Structure of Workshop (Betsy, 5 minutes)

3. Panel overview  of zero waste trends, planning efforts in other communities, Challenges and Opportunities in Davis (30 min)

a. Representative, CalRecycle
b. Representative, Californians against Waste
c. Richard Gertman, For Sustainability Too

5.  General Public Questions for Panel (30 min)

6.  NRC – Questions for Speakers  (30 min.)

7.  Wrap-up/summary of topics discussed (10 min.) – Eugene Wilson/Betsy E. (Moderator)

8.  NRC Workshop Outcomes Process